Melamine furniture: Everything you need to know

Melamine furniture items are ones that are built using wood that is coated with melamine sheets, offering sleek and smooth surfaces to the wood furniture. Such furniture types gained game during the 1960s, offering a reasonable way to adorn houses with fashionable and durable cabinets, desks, chairs, tables, and accessories.

How it works

Melamine is a well-known material that is used in the making of cabinets and other furniture for homes and offices. It is a durable material and comes in a range of pattern and hue possibilities. Melamine material is used to laminate a design over the core or substrate such as particleboard or medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

This sandwich is then heated to fuse together tightly. When heated, melamine panels harden, and the surface of the cabinet or furniture is highly durable, colorfast, and scratch-resistant. Melamine is used over hard bases like particleboard or MDF to create melamine furniture pieces. Melamine board is available in a broad range of sizes, colors, and patterns.

Benefits of Melamine Furniture

  1. Hard and resistant

Melamine is a resistant and sturdy material. Thus, this material is great for creating furniture that can withstand everyday use. It is also good furniture for areas with high activity.

  1. Withstands high temperatures and humidity

Furniture built from melamine is appropriate for even rooms with high humidity or water use as the bathroom. Melamine, unlike regular wood, can resist moisture. This material can also withstand high temperatures so if you explore it to high temperatures, it will resist damage. You can easily use melamine panels in making kitchen cabinets where there are chances that something hot can be placed. Moreover, melamine can resist the strong sunlight or harmful sun rays, mold, and parasites.

  1. Available in many designs and styles

You can find melamine in various colors and finished that can match all types of decorative styles and tastes. So, it is easy to find melamine furniture pieces for all areas of the house as these kinds of designs stand out for their timeless style and versatility. In simple words, melamine furniture items are generally basic pieces that come in handy.

  1. Easy to clean

The characteristics of melamine make it easy to maintain and clean. As the melamine material is not porous so it doesn’t let the water absorb or penetrate deep so doesn’t badly affect the furniture. Moreover, melamine is impervious to stains and harsh cleaning stuff that are available in the market today and can probably harm other furniture surfaces.

So, it is suggested to purchase special cleaning products like liquid silicone for the effective cleaning of the melamine wood furniture. Such kinds of products are easily available in the market at cheap rates that are easy to apply on melamine furniture to clean them.

  1. Less costly than other materials

The melamine furniture pieces are one of the affordable types of furniture available in the market. But you should remember that the cost of melamine furniture will be based on different factors like the manufacturer, design, and size. Despite everything, melamine is still cost-effective when compared with other materials.

Uses of Melamine Board

Melamine panel tends to have a beautiful, smooth, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant surface. This conveniently constructed panel has a wide area of applications including cabinet wardrobes, home decoration melamine furniture, office supplies, bathroom cabinets, and much more.

Melamine board has many applications including:

  • Solid panel melamine pieces like cupboard, chair, and table
  • Dry-erase whiteboards with a finish
  • Melamine laminate furniture such as kitchen cabinets

So, if you are searching for more freedom in terms of design with a reasonable cost material, a Melamine panel is your answer.