Leave the fear behind.

You heard it correctly! Black Kitchen Cabinets have been popular for a few years now. There is a lot of fear on using black as a main color. A black kitchen is elegant, sophisticated and modern, but is also really dark. There is a secret so they don’t feel obscure and in that way enjoy everything good that the color black can give to interior design. These are:

Great light fixture and open space sensation.

Black & white is an inspirational mixture of colors that for sure will make you want your kitchen cabinets in a black color. The results of the combination won’t make it feel like the space got smaller.

Another combination that works is black and wood. Combining with a wood tone results very elegant and makes you avoid a dark environment. You enjoy the sobriety and elegancy that this combination gives you. It feels bigger when you leave a white space.

Artificial Lightning

When you decide designing a kitchen with black cabinets you have to carefully take care of artificial lightning, so you don’t feel the space darker. That is another key so that your dark kitchen doesn’t reduce the space. Illuminating it and not being scared of so many lightning points, will make you have a great kitchen. Make sure the areas where you cook are well illuminated, also be sure to add lights in general areas and other zones that stand out. Brighten the inside of the cabinets and the ones that have glass as doors is really important too.